The GameBoy April Fools Day Joke Becomes a Real Product

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gameboy-006-04022015April 1st always makes for a fun day of shenanigans, but for one company it helped spawn a new product. Hyperkin, decided their joke was a little too good to let go.gameboy-010-04022015 gameboy-009-04022015Hyperkin, who are probably most well known as the manufacturers of the Retron 5, a device that plays almost all of your old cartridges in upscaled HD, posted the image of their phony device on Imgur. They called it the Smart Boy and posted it under the guise of an artist working on the project who was just sharing his or her work.gameboy-008-04022015Hyperkin was flooded with such overwhelming positivity that they’ve announce that they will be creating the Smart Boy after all.gameboy-007-04022015 It works just like your old Game Boy and Game Boy Color did with a few modern twists. Put the cartridge in the back, load the Hyperkin App, and play an crystal clear upscaled version of all of your favorite games.