Josh Hamilton Will Face a Suspension Due to Drug Abuse


Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton was once a great story for addicts going through rehabilitation, he over came his demons for the most part and became 2010’s MLB MVP. Now Josh Hamilton will face a suspension due to drug abuse. He has struggled with alcohol recently, but this time it sounds like it is cocaine.

Angels outfielder Josh Hamilton is meeting with MLB officials in New York over an unspecified “disciplinary issue,” per Mike DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles Times. There aren’t yet any details about what prompted the meeting, but the team is reportedly preparing for a punishment to be handed down.

Josh Hamilton doesn’t even have a locker at the spring training facility for the Angels, maybe they already knew that this was coming. Lets hope for Hamilton’s sake he can over come this relapse. But on the other hand, you can’t blame the Angels for exploring ways to get rid of his contract or even being mildly excited to not pay his contract for the time he is suspended.

As fans of baseball we are never happy to see a hero fall like this. We wish Josh Hamilton and his family the best, after all drug addiction is a complex disease.