You Can Now Buy a 99-Pack of Beer…We’re Not Kidding


Austin Beerworks is making the best thing ever, and it’s a 99-pack of beer. The guys over at Austin Beerworks are packaging up their favorite beer the Peacemaker Anytime Ale in this glorious 99-pack. The beer is light and refreshing making it that much better to be the beer of choice for the 99-pack.

Here’s the only downside to this thing, it’s only available in Austin, Texas because it is so big and in limited supply. But we’re still very entertained by the idea of the 99-pack, if any of you buy this thing shoot us some photos! You can find out where you can purchase a 99-pack of Anytime Ale by checking out Austin Beerworks on Facebook and Twitter.

anytime-ale-031-08272014 anytime-ale-032-08272014