Instagram Trend Alert: The Bridesmaid Buttshot

To be honest we’re ok with this trend. If you want to send us your wedding day buttshot photos we’d be more than happy to share them with everyone.

buttshot-001-06272014 buttshot-002-06272014 buttshot-003-06272014 buttshot-004-06272014 buttshot-005-06272014

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  • twerps make stupid lists

    Attention seeking tramps.

  • Bob Frapples

    this is a trend I could get behind. ;)

  • MylesofStyles

    There’s enough dirt in this pic to fill the Grand Canyon.

  • johnson

    Huge fail when you include underage and still try to include them even though nothing is shown. You are sick!

  • johnson

    Just to be clear…I find it sickening that you would include underage… in this photo, just to make them “feel” a part of the event…