Australia has a 100% Street Legal Batmobile


29-year-old Batman super-fan Zac Mihajlovic has built the first totally street-legal Batmobile based on the vehicle from Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman film. While working on a Batbike motorcycle in 2009, Zac purchased some parts from the actual Batmobile used in the movies. When the bike was finished, he contacted Warner Bros. to check on any licensing conflicts that could arise from building his Batmobile replica. The movie studio gave him the green light and he started work. Although Zac has no formal training as a mechanic, he lives with his grandfather John Greene, a retired mechanical engineer who helped him with the project. The two were also joined by Scott Cox of world famous Scotty’s Choppers. The Batmobile was completed in December and has since been fully registered, the first for a Batmobile replica. That means Zac can take it for a spin when he needs Batman comic books or just some toilet paper. He also uses it for Make-A-Wish events and weddings. For more info, check out Batmobile Australia.

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