12 Easy Steps To Clog Your Arteries with a Burger

Ever wanted a burger so big and rich in calories that no one has made it? Well you’re in luck three guys have made an easy guide on how to make a burger so big that it’ll probably kill you.

Step a: One Big Ass Patty



Step Two: Make a Pizza



Step Three: All the Cheese in the World



Step Four: Ham Because Fuck You That’s Why



Step Five: You Can’t Forget The Eggs



Step Six: Onions You Always Have Onions in a Good Burger



Step Seven: Grab Your Favorite Condiments



Step Eight: Fuck it Throw Some Pineapple on this Bitch



Step Nine: Cranberry Sauce?



Step Ten: Lettuce Only Because it’s a Burger Not Because We Like Salad



Step Eleven: A Few Tomatos Will Do



Step Twelve: You had one pizza earlier time for another one



Now enjoy the pizza burger thing

burger-013-05212014 burger-014-05212014 burger-015-05212014

And now I’m going to run out and grab these ingredients because I have a death wish that only a burger can fulfill.

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  • Kevin

    FUCK it. My veins are already blocked what’s a few arteries? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!

  • http://boutiqueofsexytoys.com/ boutiqueofsexytoys

    Very challenging indeed!

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