Hottie of the Week: Kira Krakovesky


This week we bring you Kira Krakovesky and trust us you don’t want to miss out on all of her photos. You could say that Kira Krakovesky is a jack of all trades for things that are awesome. She is a singer, song writer, model, and overall kick ass person. We welcome her to the Bro My God family you all should follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Kira-Krakovesky-001-05052014 Kira-Krakovesky-002-01152014 Kira-Krakovesky-003-10262013 Kira-Krakovesky-014-01152014 Kira-Krakovesky-013-05052014 Kira-Krakovesky-012-10262013 Kira-Krakovesky-011-05052014 Kira-Krakovesky-010-05052014 Kira-Krakovesky-009-05052014 Kira-Krakovesky-008-05052014 Kira-Krakovesky-007-10262013 Kira-Krakovesky-006-10262013 Kira-Krakovesky-005-10262013 Kira-Krakovesky-004-01152014