20 Year Old Art Student Makes an Ironman Suit out of Cardboard


Some people get a little obsessive with fan art, and this is no exception. A 20 year old student created an Ironman suit completely out of cardboard.

Taiwanese art student Kai-Xiang Xhong took a full year to complete  Tony Stark’s Ironman suit, using only cardboard. The suit is stunningly finished and it even has lights in all the right places to make it all the more awesome.

ironman-suit-001-04082014 ironman-suit-002-04082014 ironman-suit-003-04082014 ironman-suit-004-04082014 ironman-suit-005-04082014 ironman-suit-006-04082014 ironman-suit-007-04082014 ironman-suit-008-04082014 ironman-suit-009-04082014 ironman-suit-010-04082014 ironman-suit-011-04082014 ironman-suit-012-04082014