8 Disgusting Things People Eat Around the World


1. Balut

Think of this like a shooter. Only you’re eating a partially developed duck embryo.



2. Deep Fried Rat

Part of me tells me this shouldn’t be any different than eating any other deep fried animal. The other part of me is afraid the rat is going to run off my plate.



3. Live Cobra

In Vietnam, you can eat a live cobra, that is to say, the chef will rip out its still beating heart and feed it to you. Then you can enjoy the rest of its squirming body.



4. Fried Chicken Feet

Realistically, who’s to say we aren’t already eating chicken feet when we bite into nuggets. The dish makes the list for looking so outrageously gross.



5. Rooster Testicles

I’m not sure who has it worse, the person eating this or the poor castrated rooster.



6. Roach Soup?

Seriously though? WTF. Are they floating or swimming?



7. Hagis

This is a mixture of sheep’s liver, heart, and lungs (among various spices) set inside the animal’s stomach to simmer for 3 hours. Enjoy.



8. Three Lizard Liquor

Would you like a little lizard residue with that shot? Anyway, this is some sort of lizard infused rice wine.