10 Incredible Hidden Easter Eggs In Pixar Movies

Monsters, INC.

Remember when Boo gave Sully a plush toy? Awww…I know. I’m teary-eyed just looking at that sweetness. Little did we know back then, that that stuffed animal was Nemo. So we found Nemo first.



Toy Story 2

In this scene from Toy Story 2, Mr. Potato Head is reading a book that shows a scene from A Bug’s Life.



The Incredibles

That’s Doc Hudson of Cars fame in this scene from The Incredibles. Obviously he didn’t have his face it would be kind of creepy to include it here.




That’s the shadow of Up!‘s Dug in this scene from Ratatouille!



Finding Nemo

That’s Mike from Monsters, INC. swimming in the credits of Finding Nemo.




Crush from Finding Nemo, makes an appearance in the credits of Wall-E. That’s him in the mosaic on the pool.



Toy Story 3

Holy cow, it’s Sid, Andy’s arch-nemesis from Toy Story, all grown up in Toy Story 3.  Notice the skull shirt?




That’s Sully carved in a piece of wood in this scene at the witch’s house from Brave. Witches and Monsters? Sounds like and excellent Pixar mash-up movie.



Toy Story 3

Carl and Ellie from Up! wrote Andy a postcard!? Can you even imagine a sadder double feature than Toy Story 3 and Up!?



A Bug’s Life

The Pizza Planet truck made its first appearance in the original Toy Story, the delivery truck for the Pizza Planet. It has made cameos in every Pixar film to date except The Incredibles.


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