Bikini Sunday Is the Only Way to Warm Up in the Winter

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  1. Pat O'Donnell March 16th 2014 1:15 PM

    First Chick and Last chick (nicest ass Ive ever seen maybe) into New Media… Double Charge Sunday Bikini Fun… Been recruiting off this website and Chive and Radass etc for New Media obviously, some Babes getting payed up to $200,000 (not Pesos) in some cases depending on circumstances and drama etc so I PREFER #’s with Chicks… Example, instead of saying last chick into Media like above, I would say Babe #32 obviously… Ive (My Scout Dept) got more people DISCOVERED in the last 20 years then anyone or any Hollywood talent agency or modeling agency FYI; Ive been thanked personally maybe twice in my life for that…xoxoxo Pat OD

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