Things That Bounce: Helen Flanagan


Helen Flanagan and her heartwarming smile will win anyone over.  In 2006, at only 15 years old she was awarded ‘Best Dramatic Performance from a Young Actor or Actress’ at the British Soap Opera Awards, and just last year FHM crowned her ‘most attractive British candidate’ in 2013′s ’100 Sexiest Women in the World’ poll. And in tribute to Helen Flanagan we decided we should put together a GIF gallery of some of her finer moments.

Helen-Flanagan-001-03032014 Helen-Flanagan-002-03032014 Helen-Flanagan-003-03032014
Helen-Flanagan-006-03032014 Helen-Flanagan-007-03032014 Helen-Flanagan-008-03032014 Helen-Flanagan-009-03032014
Helen-Flanagan-010-03032014 Helen-Flanagan-011-03032014 Helen-Flanagan-012-03032014