Check Out This Crazy Fan Theory on Pixar’s Movies

This is a brief summery of Jon Negroni’s mind blowing fan theory that connects all of Pixar’s movies together. Click HERE to read his more in depth explanation.

pixar-theory-001-03032014 pixar-theory-002-03032014 pixar-theory-003-03032014 pixar-theory-004-03032014 pixar-theory-005-03032014 pixar-theory-006-03032014 pixar-theory-007-03032014 pixar-theory-008-03032014 pixar-theory-009-03032014 pixar-theory-010-03032014 pixar-theory-011-03032014 pixar-theory-012-03032014 pixar-theory-013-03032014 pixar-theory-014-03032014 pixar-theory-015-03032014 pixar-theory-016-03032014 pixar-theory-017-03032014 pixar-theory-018-03032014 pixar-theory-019-03032014 pixar-theory-020-03032014 pixar-theory-feat-03032014

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  • Hirightnow

    Simplification of the actual theory…

  • John

    That makes absolutely no sense, it is filled with more holes than I care to comment on. Suffice to say, I don’t think this holds much water and is fortunately the theory of one person.