10 Horrifying Sex Accidents and Deaths


Believe it or not, sex accidents happen and they’re usually pretty strange. One minute you’re bumping uglies with the love of your life, and then bam! Broken boner.

1. Pussy Attack!

No, not that kind of pussy. According to Yahoo, cats attacking their owners while they (the owners!) are having sex is a super common sex-related injury. Cat owners have suffered deep cuts and scratches on their backs, butts or even worse places as a result of a mid-sex cat attack. Just another reason to own a dog.

2. Death By Condom

It’s been reported that people male and female have choked on a condom while performing oral sex. Talk about an awkward way to go! No one wants to die via blow job.

3. The Neon Butt Trick

Warning: Foreign objects that are not sex toys do not belong in your body. Apparently in Croatia they don’t give that warning and a man stuck a neon light bulb up his butt. As you can imagine the light bulb exploded in his butt and he almost died.

4. Heart Stopping Orgasm?

It doesn’t just happen in the movies! According to the Journal of American Medical Association, having sex actually triples your chance of a heart attack. And yes there have been cases were people die from this kind of heart attack.

5. Death by Snu Snu!

Too much sex can kill you…well sort of. Sergey was a 28-year-old Russian man who found himself in a situation you’d only find in a porno. Two women bet him he couldn’t sexually satisfy them during a 12-hour threesome. He took the bet–for around $4,300–then chugged a bottle of Viagra and got to work. After he successfully pulled off the 12-hour orgy and it was time for them to pay up, he dropped dead from a heart attack. Lesson learned: don’t eat viagra like candy.

6. The Deadly Dildo

Remember when we said not to insert anything into your body unless it was a sex toy? Home made sex toys don’t count! We won’t get into the bloody and horrifying details, but this individual used a power saw dildo. Saber saw blade + dildo attachment + sex play with partner = horrifying vagina accident. This is all kinds of nope!


7. Nipple Clamps of Death 

Kinky can get a little too kinky. This couple decided nipple clamps weren’t enough. They decided to make their own rig to administer come electric stimulation via nipple clamps. 29-year-old Kirsten Taylor of Craley, Pennsylvania, died from electrocution, at the hand of her husband Toby. The night she died, they’d put electric clamps on her nipples and Toby was administering shocks to her by turning on and off a power strip.  If you’re into weird painful stuff please play it safe.


8. Farmville Gone Sexy

Human butt sex isn’t enough for some people, some people need butt sex with animals! In 2oo5, a man in Seattle died due to anal penetration by a horse. As strange as it is, is used to be legal to have sex with horses until this gentleman died via horse dick. And just so you know there are 23 states in the US that allow you to have sex with a horse. Learn something new every day!


9. Falling Sex Death

Two students at the University of South Carolina decided to get busy on the roof of a building. But they picked a bad roof– it was pyramid shaped and slippery from rain — and they fell 50 feet to the ground. A cab driver found their bodies, buck naked.

10. Broken Boner During Sex

This is by far the most common injury and probably the most feared by all guys. Ladies. a dick isn’t indestructible. We have delicate parts too! Former Ultimate Fighter hopeful Ray Elbe is probably the most well known case of this injury and he explains it all through a video. In short, this usually happens when the female is on top the penis is pulled out too far, and then misses the vagina, and snap! You fracture your dick. No man wants this to happen–it’s super painful.