20 Awesome Chemical Reaction GIFs


Here are 20 of the most mesmerizing and fascinating GIFs of the bizarre workings of the chemical world.

Belousov–Zhabotinsky reaction

Blood meets hydrogen peroxide

Burning ammonium dichromate

Aluminum and iodine

Catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide

Electrical treeing

Elephant’s toothpaste

Hyrophobic sand

A lightbulb burning out

Burning lithium

Hydrogen Peroxide Mixed With Potassium Iodide

Burning mercury II thiocyanate

Mercury reacting with aluminum

Prince Rupert’s Drop suffers a fracture

Alpha particle trails from radioactive decay of Radon 220

Snake venom meets blood

Dehydration of sugar in sulfuric acid

White tin crumbling into grey tin after
cooling to less than 13 degrees Celsius

Water bridge formed by electric current

Sodium acetate crystallization