Hottie of the Week: Amanda

Our latest Hottie of the Week, Amanda is a 20 year old student in the Boston area. Although she used to briefly gogo dance, her go to choice on the jukebox is 80s rock music. When not in class, you’ll likely catch her at rock & roll or heavy metal concert having her face melted off.  Amanda loves animals, tattoos (having 6 of them herself), piercings (15 of those too!), staying in shape at the gym.

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  • Dugswab

    It says at the top that she has 6 tattoos. Where are they? I don’t see any.

    • ViperHockey

      I saw 2. One on her left instep, and another inside her right pinky. I’m more curious about the 15 piercings…

      • Amanda

        Hey guys! Amanda here. Very observant on the pictured tats. I have a quote on my left shoulder/back, an ambigram on my ribs, the virgo sign on my right hip, and 3 paw prints on my right ankle. Piercings include a triple forward helix (3), 2 cartilage, 2 lobe holes in each ear, top and bottom belly button, 2 dermals on left hip, and 2 lower back dermals.

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