Brad Davis Kills Someone With an Atomic Wedgie


2014 keeps dumping epic headlines for us. In this case Brad Davis kills someone with an atomic wedgie. Brad Davis was arrested in after he allegedly killed his stepfather on December 21st. Hit was no ordinary death, it was death by atomic wedgie.

An atomic wedgie occurs when the bully grabs the underwear of his usually unsuspecting victim and pulls it over his head – usually causing the underwear to snap along with some major discomfort for the victim. In this case  the wedgie knocked out Lee St. Clair, causing him to fall and strike his head. While unconscious, St. Clair asphyxiated inside his own briefs (or boxers—from initial reports it’s not clear what he was wearing).

I suppose there are worse ways to go, but this is one pretty bad way to go. Hopefully Brad Davis learned a lesson or two, wedgies are fine in moderation.