Andrew Frey Man on Meth Fights Off 15 Cops While Jacking Off

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Kids if we’ve learned anything about drugs, it’s that you don’t do Meth ever…Hands down this is the best news story of 2013! Two days left in the year and you figured it would be mellow and nothing would happen…wrong again people are always doing crazy sh*t. Andrew Frey is the man of the year.

“A bartender told authorities that Frey exposed his genitals and started masturbating at [Iggy’s Bar & Grill], officials said. By the time a Marion County deputy arrived on scene, Frey had moved from the bar to the bathroom, but reportedly had not stopped pleasuring himself.

Frey allegedly resisted arrest, forcing the deputy to zap the suspect with a Taser multiple times, officials said. The Taser had no effect on Frey, who then allegedly starting fighting with the deputy, officials said.

At least 15 police officers from Salem, Keizer and Marion County rushed to the bar and were eventually able to take the suspect into custody, officials said.”
Via Oregon Live

Andrew says he had used meth the day before and doesn’t remember a thing. Like we always say, if you black out from drinking or whatever reason it’s like it never happened. Everyone else feels the shame for you and you’re still awesome or maybe in hand cuffs.