Gabroll Draws On The Shipping Boxes For His Customers


Gabroll is a regular over at Imgur, but he also works for a t-shirt company. While working there he likes to draw on boxes that will be delivered to his customers. He has become so well known that people make requests for Gabroll to do specific types of drawings. He is awesome at what he does and is super creative check out the drawings below.

“Hold the phone. Can you do a cool dinosaur ad?”

“Draw a firefighter t-rex on the box”

“On the box can you draw Obama getting lifted in the air like the Lion King”


“Please draw the Star Wars characters replaced with dinosaurs! (can u fit an ewok and darth maul in there?)”

“I would like to request a drawing based on your knowledge about Sweden!”


“Can you draw the future Mrs. Darth Vader demanding a better engagement ring on the box?”

“Can you please draw a comic on the box?”

“Draw a dinosaur trying to kill a shark on the box!”

“Could you draw a flame farting and “backfiring” on himself?”

“Use your imagination to draw on the box.”

“Can you draw my rocker girl driving her 600HP Black Dodge Challenger, Big Daddy Roth / Don Gartlis style?”

“Please draw some kind of Canadian wildlife, but not a beaver, no one actually likes beavers.”

“I’d love a cat if you don’t mind”

“Hey. Draw me a penguin on my box.”

“Could you please draw a picture of a roller skating penguin holding an assault rifle?”

“Please draw a pirate Godzilla with his sword out, while riding a killer whale into battle :D”

“Could you please draw something badass with an Australian theme on the box?”

“Can you draw a geisha on the box? If not, a dinosaur! <3”

“Can you please draw a Rastafarian dinosaur with dreadlocks laying in a beach chair?”

“I wanted to see if you could draw a bear wearing a fat gold chain :D”

“Draw a T-Rex that’s had one too many beers on the box?”

“Draw a hipster cat having a light saber battle with a pig.”

“Could you please draw a drunk cat wearing a sombrero at a donut shop?”

“I bought shirts for my closest friends. Any way to get them wrapped individually?”

“Draw a kangaroo fighting a vampire on the box?”

“I love the show Arrested Development and the movie Princess Bride. Can you draw something related to one of those?”

“Anne Boleyn punching Henry VIII in the face”

“Edward Cullen from Twilight, a Furby, Gumby, and a fluffy cat all pretending to be friends”

“Draw a scene depicting elves, narwhals, lions, candy canes, and Charizard.”

“Barney and Fred eating a pterodactyl.”

“Can you draw a unicorn jumping over a castle?”

“Please draw The Avengers on the box?”

“Draw a gnarly gnome eating a banana out of a giraffe’s mouth.”

“Bolt from the movie and Zips (a TY beanie)”

“Something magical or Pokémon inspired”

“Please draw Aragorn and Gimli from LOTR destroying some orcs”

“Draw a walrus doing something interesting.”

“draw a dragon”

“Draw me animals with nerd glasses on the box! (Will frame)”

“Draw Mr. Potato Head being abducted by aliens.”

“Draw a picture of a ninja T. Rex fighting the Hulk :)”

via Imgur