15 Amazing Unbreakable Sports Records


Every generation of sports fans will witness a couple amazing records happen in their lifetime. Some will be broken again, but some will never be touched. Here are some of the sports records that we think will never be broken.

1. Pete Rose – Most Hits in MLB: 4,256

People only remember Pete Rose for his gambling, because this record is completely astonishing. In order to get 4,256 hits a player would have to get, on average, 212 hits for 20 years. 212 hits in a season has only been pulled off in MLB history 197 times, so you can forget about this one.

2. Wayne Gretzky – Most Points in an NHL Season: 215

Over the last decade, the NHL leader in points for the season averages around 110 points. That’s the leader for the entire league, and Gretzky more than doubled that. There’s a reason his nickname is “The Great One.”

3. Ricky Henderson – Most Stolen Bases: 1,406

Just to put it into perspective, in order to catch his record, a player would have to average 94 steals per season for 15 years. No one has even stolen 94 bases in the last two decades so you can forget about this one ever being touched.

4. Joe DiMaggio – 56-Game Hitting Streak

Jimmy Rollins had a 38 game hit streak back in 2006 while Dan Uggla had a 33 game streak in 2011. That’s as close as anyone has come recently and it’s barely over half the amount of hits DiMaggio got in a row. 56 games in a row is almost impossible to imagine.

5. Cy Young – Most Complete Games as an MLB Pitcher: 749

The active leader in complete games is Roy Halladay. He has 67 complete games. There’s only three other players in MLB history that have even STARTED 749 games, let alone pitched the entire game. With the way baseball is played now no one will ever touch this record.

6. Boston Celtics – Most Consecutive NBA Championships: 8

 Winning back-to-back championships requires a super talented team. Winning 8 in a row takes the kind of dominance that the NBA may never see again. It’s easy to say that the 1959-1966 Boston Celtics were beasts.

7. Wilt Chamberlain – NBA Single-Game Scoring: 100 points

Considering that in 2012-2013, only 11 NBA teams averaged over 100 points as a team per game, it’s hard to see any individual player pulling this off ever again.

8. Wilt Chamberlain – Most NBA Average Minutes Per Game: 48.5

An NBA game is 48 minutes long, but in 1961-62, Chamberlain did the unthinkable by average 48.5 minutes per game. That means he played every minute of the team’s regular games, as well as their five overtime games, their double overtime game, and their sole triple overtime game.

9. Fernando Tatis – Most Grand Slams in An Inning: 2

In April 1999, Tatis hit two home runs in an inning, which was only done 57 other times in MLB history. Not only that, they were both grand slams, which means for this record to be broken, a batter would have to have the bases loaded for him during three at bats in a single inning. Not happening.

10. Wilt Chamberlain – Most Rebounds in an NBA Game: 55

Have you noticed a trend? Wilt Chamberlain is a bad ass. As big as NBA players are now, the closest anyone has come to this record was in 1985 when Charles Oakley pulled down 35 boards.

11. Cal Ripken Jr – Most Consecutive Games: 2,632

Not only did Ripken stay healthy for an obscene amount of time, he also was so consistently good that he kept his starting job for 17 years. Most Major League careers don’t even last this long, let alone ones that don’t have a single missed game in them. No one will ever break this record.


12. Bill Russell – Most NBA Championships By One Man: 11

Only two franchises in the NBA have captured more than six championships in the history of their teams. Russell won 11 NBA titles in his 13-season career. Anytime you have more championship rings than fingers, it’s a record that won’t be broken.

13. 1995-96 Chicago Bulls – Most Wins in a Season: 72

No one was as addicted to winning as Michael Jordan. That’s what separates him from other superstars. They may be bigger and stronger, but no one pushed everyone around them to be better than MJ. This was never more apparent than in 95-96 when the Bulls only lost two home games.

14. Bill Mosienko – Fastest NHL Hat-Trick: 21 seconds

How is this even possible? With line changes after every goal and the fact that every player would be focusing on you after the first two goals, this is just absurd. Your record is safe and sound, Bill.

15. Wilt Chamberlain – Average Points Per Game in a Season: 50.4

A 50-point game is a huge feat in the NBA. Imagine someone averaging 50 points every single night. That’s exactly what Wilt Chamberlain did during the 1961-62 season. Also don’t forget this was before there was a three point shot. Just ridiculous.