So Dumb It Hurts


Stupidity knows no bounds


  1. The only thing I disagree with is the California thing, I think he was being sarcastic talking about how California doesn’t listen to the government about weed regulations and whatnot.

  2. The Star Wars one is retarded, National Star Wars day is on May 4th. Thus, “May the Fourth be with you.”
    Fucking idiots can’t do their homework.

    • Looks like you’re the fucking idiot. She’s holding up the vulcan hand gesture for live long and prosper. Do you’re research you dip shit lol. Bro My God does posts for May 4th nice try though

    • LMAO! This just gets better, we have another idiot that belongs in the “So dumb it hurts” article. “May the 4th be with you” is Star Wars. Holding up the vulcan hand gesture is Star Trek, two completely different things, it’s sad someone has to spell it out for you.
      Dexter Morgan, you are hereby deemed a retard as well, congratulations. Maybe next time, do your own homework before you comment?

    • dude the rest of the world is just insulting themselves then. America is the world’s super power and according to u were idiots, so according to you the entire world is being out preformed by a bunch of dumbasses. I just think its funny how people act like 30 people represents the 300 million living in the US. just call us when Germany invades again.


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