The 10 Worst Weapons for the Zombie Apocalypse


What if the Zombie Apocalypse actually happened. Would you be ready to fight off some zombies? Either way here are 10 weapons you shouldn’t use during the Zombie Apocalypse.

1. An Axe

For some reason the survivors in zombie movies always go for the axe. Turns out if you hit something or someone hard enough with an axe it’ll get stuck. What are you going to do next? Start punching zombie? I don’t think so, an axe will only slow you down.


2. A Flamethrower


Probably the coolest weapon you can use and almost practical for the fact that you can light fires.  But the real reason why you shouldn’t have is that it actually won’t kill a zombie. If you so happen to find a flamethrower make a bomb out of it or something a little more useful.

3. A Nail Gun

With a nail gun you might just piss off a couple of zombies but you won’t be able to kill one with it.


4. A Chainsaw


Chainsaws have been pretty popular to kill zombies ever since “Evil Dead” with Ash making it one of his primary weapons. A chainsaw is useful for a few kills other than that once you’re out of gas or accidentally kill yourself game over.

5. A Baseball Bat

The Great Bambino (Babe Ruth) couldn’t fight his way out of a mob of zombies with a bat. What makes you think you could? You might be able to bash a few skulls in and if you have a wooden bat don’t expect it to last too much longer.

6. A Shotgun

Shot guns are great for blowing the head off of a zombie or two. But you can only get a couple rounds off if a mob of zombies are around. If you can get a couple of handguns or a machine guns you’d be better off than using a shotgun.

7. Hedge Trimmers

Looking to trim for garden? Why would you even pick these up you may as well run in circles and yell at the zombies to kill you.

8. A Knife

If you want to stab a couple of eye balls out by all means use this. What you really want is a gun and if you have to pick up a knife you better hope it’s a light saber there’s no chance a knife can help you out. Keep the knife for other purposes just not to kill zombies.

9. A Guitar

No this isn’t the time to rock out with cock out. Just stop, leave and go die peacefully.

10. Punching Zombies

Unless you’re Chuck Norris don’t even bother doing this. You may as well start punching yourself because after a couple of punches to a skull you might break a few bones in your hand.