Fisherman Caught 800-Pound Stingray Right Off Miami Beach


Miami Beach fisherman Mark Quartiano caught an 800-pound stingray. Not just any F*cking fish a monster it may as well be fighting Godzilla. Mark caught what is believed to be a Dactylobatus clarkii also known as a Hookskate. I’m glad there is a name for this beast, I’m never going back into the ocean!

According to International Business Times:

Mark Quartiano, also known as Mark the Shark, is a famous Florida captain who has caught thousands of sharks. But the 800-pound rare catch he reeled in over the weekend was something he had never seen before, ABC News reports.

“When we first saw it, we didn’t know what it was. It looked really odd … like some kind of dinosaur,” Quartiano told GrindTV, adding that the creature was out of the water for three or four minutes for a photo before being set free.