The 10 Most Difficult Video Game Levels From Your Childhood


Growing up most of us played video games because lets face it, it was a cheap baby sitter and your parents loved it. We spent a little time looking back at video games we played growing up and realized that a lot of those games were full of really difficult levels. We’re pretty convinced that modern video games aren’t as rough and probably won’t make you cry like you did as a kid. Here are what we thought were the 10 toughest video game levels. If we missed your favorite one let us know in the comments below.

10. Madden ’04: Atlanta Falcons

Michael Vick was the cover athlete of Madden 2004 and was apparently mistaken for a cheetah. If you were playing someone and they picked Atlanta, you already lost. All they had to do was drop back to pass and as soon as your players dropped back into pass coverage, Vick would scramble and gain a huge chunk of yardage every time. He was like a walking cheat code.

9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

No one likes water levels and the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” on NES has the worst one. If you remember the dam level then we know you’ve been scared for life For some reason, you have to complete all of the stupidly difficult tasks on a timer. Can’t turtles breathe under water? There are bombs to diffuse and a ridiculous amount of inventory to collect. Splinter never trained us for this.

8. Mike Tyson’s Punch Out

This game was a lot of fun until you hit Mike Tyson. Mike Tyson was too quick to react to making him super difficult to defeat especially when his health was super difficult to deplete. Lets not forget that if he landed a punch on you it was game over. We salute you if you were able to beat Mike.

7. Guitar Hero 3

Lets be honest everyone played one of the Guitar Hero games because they were so damn addictive. And yes you don’t know how to actually play a guitar we get it. When it game down to this series Guitar Hero 3 was probably the most difficult one out of all of them. There was pretty much no way anyone could beat “Through Fire and Flames” on expert and if you did you were a god.

6. Contra Irresistible Force

Contra was one of my favorite games growing up but I could never beat it unless I had cheat codes to go along with it. The final level in “Contra” was the worst you had suicide bombers and aliens and would kick your ass. More than likely you didn’t beat it unless you had game genie.

5. Mega Man 2

The Dr. Wiley you probably don’t want to remember it. You have to battle through some ridiculous enemies, including a mechanical dragon that you have to fight while jumping between three tiny blocks the size of your feet. It’s absolutely awful.

4. Battletoads

The developers for “Battletoads” probably wanted us to hate them all after creating this game. There was no save feature, no continues and no way to beat this without a second player. Oh and you can kill your partner as you were playing awesome right? Wrong! This made Turbo Tunnel the worst level to beat in this game.

3. Double Dragon

The final level on Double Dragon was complete hell. After fighting what seems like an endless wave of thugs, and then a guy with a gun (how is that fair?), you had to fight your partner. That way, even if you played through the entire game and defeated the final boss, you could still end up being a loser! Thanks for the confidence booster.

2. 007 Golden Eye

“007 Golden Eye” was the best multiplayer game of its time and everyone loved it. The storyline was great but when you go to the “Aztec” level you shit a brick. Every nameless henchman that you face takes off a ridiculous amount of damage with a single attack, there are alarms everywhere, and, if that wasn’t bad enough, there are no save points, so if you die, you have to start all over again.

1. MarioKart for SNES

Nintendo why would you do this to us!? Your eyes would hate you for even attempting to navigate this track and, best of all, there were no railings so you were constantly driving off the road into the dark abyss. Not even Toad deserves a fate this dastardly.