Tony Picard Is a 6’4″ 400 Pound High School Running Back


Tony Picard is the biggest running back in the country and currently attends White Swan high school and is in his senior year. At a beastly 6’4″ 400 pounds Tony Picard pretty much runs over single player he comes up against. Picard started out as an offensive lineman, but was faster than expected and was switched to running back. He has earned a pretty decent fan base and everyone calls him Big Tone. We were able to dig up some of his stats below check them out.

Tony Picard stats:

Nov. 8: 15 carries, 66 yards and a touchdown

Nov. 1: 7 carries, 31 yards and a touchdown

Oct. 25: 15 carries, 71 yards

Oct. 18: 7 carries, 61 yards

Oct. 11: 18 carries, 117 yards and one touchdown

Oct. 4: 8 carries, 52 yards

Sept. 27: 9 carries, 55 yards and two touchdowns

Sept. 21: 9 carries, 60 yards and a touchdown

Sept. 13: 10 carries, 43 yards and two touchdowns

Sept. 6: 6 carries, 20 yards