An Epic Breakup Gets Live Tweeted


Kyle Ayers went to his rooftop for some fresh air and ended up witnessing one of the most ridiculous break ups ever. While hanging out on the rooftop Kyle decided it was a good idea to live tweet the whole thing and here it is.


  1. – Kyle Ayers follows girl home and continues watching her for the next month while tweeting her life on twitter. #roofbreakup

  2. Maybe it’s just me, and I might be appealing to entirely the wrong demographic on this one, but does it strike none of you as sick to turn someone’s breakup into a spectacle like this? I mean God, whether he used names or not doesn’t even matter. How would any of YOU like to have had YOUR worst break up put on Twitter and laughed at? What’s more, it’s cheap laughter. “Hehe that guy’s a douchebag”. What are you all, like 14? It’s good to see so many of you have progressed to where you don’t need the public stockade to forget how miserable your own lives are (not). Get on with your lives and pray this shit never happens to you.

    • They obviously didn’t care about a guy listening in on their break up, so why would it matter if it’s on here? I wouldn’t care if my breakup was being laughed at hoo. It happens all the time behind people’s backs, this is no different. Just a larger audience. Also, no reason to call “God” into this and praying as well…it’s not that big of a deal. Everyone everywhere gets laughed at, get over it.

  3. I remember all that crap when I was young. God, I’m glad I stayed single! I travel the whole world without a care or duty to anyone but myself and a few charities.

  4. For those who are saying the girl seems worse, she is obviously flustered because he doesn’t seem to give a crap. She was being a normal person under the influence of her emotions and he just didn’t care. They aren’t right for each other and I applaud her for walking away. The fact that he didn’t go after her and just started texting (most likely the ‘work texts’), says it all…while casually smoking a cigarette the whole time.

  5. Yes how many times should I tell you Holly to eat the black crayons instead of the yellow ones!the black ones are more poisonous!


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