Baker’s Bourbon Review…It’s Delicious


Many of you have heard of Jim Beam, but we’re willing to bet not many know of the small batch brands that Jim Beam owns and operates. One of those is Baker’s Bourbon. Before we get into the fancy talk of whiskey we want to let you know that this has been one the smoothest whiskies we have had. It’s very drinkable with just ice or a splash of water. And for the purists–yes, you can drink it straight, but it is 107 proof so be careful with it.

While tasting for the review, we noticed that there is a bit of a burn to the whiskey upfront, but not to the point where it makes you want to stop drinking. It’s more of a warming than a burn, making it the perfect fall/winter drink. If it happens to be a bit too much for you, drop an ice cube or a splash of water into your glass to mellow it out.

We all very clearly tasted vanilla and caramel flavors in this whiskey and also enjoyed the nice balanced taste to it. It’s a perfect starter high-end bourbon: at about $35 Baker’s won’t break the bank, but it will give you a nice delicious bourbon.

If you have had Baker’s Bourbon and want to try other Jim Beam Small Batch whiskeys look into Knob Creek, Basil Hayden’s, and Bookers. We have tried all of them but Basil Hayden’s and none of them have disappointed us so far.