30 People That Are Having a Really Bad Day

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  • anon

    5 000 krowns isn’t 43 dollars, it’s closer to like 800 dollars. I wonder when that happened.

    • Cerxi

      No, that’s from Iceland, where 5.000 Krona are about $45

      • rowhns

        which picture are you referring this too?

        • erma652

          My Uncle Jacob got a year 2013 Audi TT RS Coupe
          by working part time online. imp source C­a­s­h­D­u­t­i­e­s­.­ℂ­o­m

        • Errorblankfield

          The only picture where a discussion about the relative value of the Krona would be relevant.

  • Derp

    How can a tree fall twice?

    • duh


  • YOU

    The tree knows what it’s doing…

  • Tabitha Dowling

    Friggin’ negroids stealing poisonous watermelons. lmao

    • SHough610

      You are either a troll or a hilarious stereotype.

      • Tabitha Dowling

        Or someone pointing out that there is no one else that would steal a watermelon. Not my fault negroids love their watermelon.

        • SHough610

          Just because you only ear fruit if it’s in a pie doesn’t mean other people don’t enjoy it. But people like you have to find a way to be superior. For you it’s certainly not going to be through education or professional successes.

          • Tabitha Dowling

            I am superior. I’m also going for my degree in Anthropology. You going to continue to show me your white guilt by whining about my funny stereotype because I don’t like wasting my time on butthurt people. I’d give you cream for that, but I don’t own any. :)

          • SHough610

            Don’t get lippy with me. My taxes pay for your food stamps and your welfare.

          • Tabitha Dowling

            As do mine since I have a job and going to college. Go take your white guilt somewhere else.

          • SHough610

            Collecting welfare isn’t a job. And just because I’m not a racist tub of goo doesn’t mean that I have white guilt.

          • Tabitha Dowling

            Oh excuse me that making $8.40 an hour as a cashier doesn’t leave much after bills to feed me and my child. I didn’t mean to offend you. You have white guilt. Go piss off somewhere. At least I’m better than you even. What are you doing with your life?

          • WhatUpRacistBitch

            Must be the all the fat and ugliness making her racist let alone the inbreeding. Ever notice how racists claim to be in college and have jobs except that they’re probably at home sucking their little brother’s dick?

            Not to mention that Tabitha Dowling likes to publicly post racist commentary on her social media outlets. Her Google Plus account is littered with her garbage.



          • Tabitha Dowling

            A. I’ve obviously won.

            B. Reporting for harassment.

            C. Get a life.

          • jake

            hahahaha showed that bitch whats up

          • Fuck You

            Shes a 6/10 with the nose and up shot.

          • DafuqShesRacist

            Also check this out

          • SHough610

            Actually living my values.

          • ThatsRacist

            You’re superiorly fat…go for a jog and try not to dip your marshmallows in mayo while you’re at it.

          • Fuck You

            >Degree in Anthropology
            >Making money
            pick one

  • Progressive Republican

    I can relate to the cake on the floor.

    My wife decorates and sells cakes. One Easter we had several cakes to deliver including a stand-up Easter Bunny which fell during delivery. So another was baked; poorly but eventually finished baking. Nearly finished decorating when it fell on to the kitchen floor and went everywhere.

    She ran out crying and I cleaned up. Later that night she pointed out that two rabbits had died in two days.

    Yup. She was pregnant with #2.

  • KMikeK

    With the beer cases, it’s going to take some expert Jenga players to get that handled.

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