14 Epic and Ridiculous Stadium Foods


So we love going to a Baseball game or NFL game and grabbing some beer and usually a hot dog or two, but some of these stadium foods are mind blowing. We figured we needed to share this all with you guys. If your team has a ridiculous food share it with us in the comments below.

The Moby Dick

This bad boy can be found at Lake County Captains’ Classic Park. This team is a minor league affiliate for the Cleveland Indians and they are the home to this epic sandwich. It comes with fried whitefish sandwich covered in coleslaw, tartar sauce, one-third pound of french fries, tomatoes and cheese. All on a 15-inch sesame seed bun…challenge accepted!

Triple Pork Poutine

Give me the pork meats! This poutine belongs to the Canadian soccer club at BMO Field in Toronto. They take the traditional poutine dish and make it epic. The Ingredients include fries, gravy, cheese curds and a symphony of swine—bacon, pulled pork and sausage. It’s pretty much a pig in a box.

The Original Donut Burger

It’s true donuts and bacon belong together…The Gatway Grizzlies were the first to put these two together in a burger . GCS Field layers this burger with Beef, bacon, sharp cheddar cheese and two glazed donuts for the buns. It has been called “baseball’d Best Burger.” Just be ready to go for a job after this it comes in at a whopping 1,000 calories and 45 grams of fat.

The Beast

There is a god! Someone decided it was a good idea to put a hot dog inside of a bratwurst and then wrap in bacon! If you’re familiar with a turducken this is pretty much the same idea just with a lot more awesome. Oh and lets not forget the pretzel bun that they serve this on and the sauerkraut that you can get it with.

Meat Lover’s Hot Dog

The Cincinnati Reds want to lure you with food and then take you to bed. They’re going to take you to bed because you’re going to need a nap after all of the meat in this thing. If you don’t get the meat sweats then you’re a champ. This quarter pound hot dog has been wrapped in bacon topped with chili and pepper jack cheese, but they don’t stop there! They pile on some fried salami. Good luck to the brave ones that eat this.


This is pretty much what it sounds like. Hot pastrami with Russian dressing and swiss cheese. All of that madness goes on top of tortilla chips. The Pastrachos live at Citi Field home of the New York Mets.

Heavenly Nachos

If these nachos don’t kill you and send you to heaven you’re a beast! These nachos are sold at Angel Stadium of Anaheim home to Los Angeles Angels. These nachos are pilled high with your choice of meat, sour cream, jalapeños, cheese for days and your heart attack waiting to happen. One of the bonuses is that you get a helmet and feed 2-3 people with these bad boys. But please remember to eat the nachos before wearing the helmet.

The Boombstick

The boomstick lives at the Rangers Ballpark. Everything really is bigger and better in Texas, this huge hot dog it’s about the size of a baseball bat. You might not be hitting any home runs with this guy but you might conquer world hunger with it. But wait it gets better! This dog comes dripping with beef chili, jalapeños, onions and nacho cheese.

The Murph-a-Dilla

Ready for round two at Rangers Ballpark? We weren’t kidding with Texas all things really are bigger. Check out this ridiculous but oddly delicious looking. This 24 inch flat bread sandwich comes with piles of brisket, jalapeños, cheese, lettuce, pico de gallo and anything condiments you deem worthy of being on your sandwich. We want to see someone eat this in one bite just saying it’s be epic.

The Walk-Off

The Baltimore Orioles are the owners of this hot dog. If you ever catch a baseball game at Camden Yards you have to snag one of these. The Old Bay Roma Sausage is covered in Old Bay Crab Dip and served on a pretzel roll. Crab people! Crab people! Crab people! Crab people!  With South Park jokes aside Baltimore has a bit of a crab obsession.

The ‘Fifth Third Burger’

One-pound bun, a fifth-third pound of beef and a cup of thick chili. On top of this meaty foundation rests a pile of nacho cheese, salsa, lettuce, Fritos, tomatoes, sour cream and five slices of American cheese. That’s right—American cheese. Get ready to shit your self later but it’ll be well worth it. The team to thanks the West Michigan Whitecaps.

Brunch Burger

The Brunch Burger feeds the hungry over at PNC Park where the Pittsburg Pirates like to play some baseball. This donut burger creation features  beef patty, bacon patty, a fried egg and sharp cheddar cheese on top. Oh and the bonus on this one…it comes with sprinkles.

3 Pounder Pretzel

Damn it Texas you’re going to kill us or at least have us sitting on the toilet for a couple of hours. The Texas Rangers just don’t stop at all with their ridiculous foods. Not only is this just a giant sized pretzel you also get more dipping sauce than you know what to do with.

The StrasBurger

The Washington Nationals know how to do burgers. The Strasburger is an eight pounder burger that you may as well order before the game even starts. You’ll need all nine innings to finish this beastly burger. This Godzilla sized burger comes with the usual burger toppings…But it gets better you alos get a pitcher of your favorite soft drink and a basket of fries. Make sure you have your will in order before you attempt to eat this thing.