22 Fun Facts About Breaking Bad

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    lol, you stole these and couldn’t even present it correctly. #20 – wrong picture


    Awesome! Gonna miss the show!

  • babyrhinos

    My step-brother and I set the song “Baby Blue” by Badfinger as our alarm this morning.

    The first words we said?


    This show has changed my perspective on film as a whole. It’ll always hold a special place in my heart.

  • WTFaheadshot

    I’m mexican, and I can tell you for sure that Gus Fring and the other mexican folks who appear in the show speak spanish poorly. It’s misspronounced and some things they say have no sense. Greetings.

    • privately

      Cause Mexicans only speak slang nowadays. And his actor was Latin

    • MM8677

      shut the f*ck up idiot nobody cares

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    this was a great movie

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