A Construction Worker’s Day According to Miley Cyrus


Lets face it Miley Cyrus is never going away. Miley Cyrus is here for good just like Justin Bieber. Thankfully Miley Cyrus is not twerking in her new video for “Wrecking Ball” which brings us to why we think Miley Cyrus is an expert on construction work. I mean she did write a song called “Wrecking Ball.”

Obviously you need to look fuckin’ fabulous you need to wear that red lipstick. 

No one wants to go to work even construction workers…

But guess what you get to use a sledge hammer!

Then you need to make sweet sweet tongue love with it, yup make it out with your hammer

Then strip down to your undies and sit on that fabulous wrecking ball…

It ain’t no thing just another wall coming down.

Celebrate by getting swinging a hammer then getting naked on the wrecking ball

Just keep hanging out naked…

Then jerk off the hammer it needs to have some fun too

Lunch break and a quick make out sesh with your hammer

Post lunch nap time…

Time to get comfy for that afternoon nap

Touch yourself ever so gently

Miley Cyrus…making out with hammers all day errr day

Time to get frustrated with the work day not being over

Time for that magical wrecking ball swing

quick naked again!

Time to cry because of all the poor decisions you made Miley…

Just kidding time to party! This song is about how Miley Cyrus has destroyed her whole career!