Booker’s Small Batch Bourbon Review


We had a chance to sample some Booker’s, and man is it good! We’re big whiskey people around here, so this small batch bourbon was pretty much made for us. It’s nice and strong (127 proof!) and is perfect with a little water. If you’re feeling especially fancy you can mix it with some ginger beer, but we like the taste of this fire water on its own.

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Booker’s® Bourbon is made in small batches and offers a range of intense flavors – from oak tannin and smoky vanilla, to lesser notes of mocha and coffee – each creating a rare complexity within the bourbon. Patiently crafted and robust in flavor, it is best enjoyed with ice or cut with water. 

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Inspired by a 200-year-old family tradition, Booker Noe, Jim Beam’s grandson and 6th Generation Master Distiller, first created Booker’s® Bourbon as a Christmas gift for his close friends and family. Taking barrels found in the center-cut of the rack house, Booker bottled the bourbon straight-from-the-barrel creating Booker’s® Bourbon, a true barrel bourbon.

The statue of Booker Noe outside of the Jim Beam distillery