Aaron Hernandez and Other Stupid Athletes


Aaron Hernandez is not the first or the last athlete that has been in trouble with the law. Sure, some have been a little more extreme than others, but this post is dedicated to all those athletes that are stupid enough to ruin the amazing lives they had:

Aaron Hernandez

The journey for Aaron has been pretty bad. Frist he hasn’t been the smartest guy about this whole situation and second, he’s terrible at covering up his own tracks. Aaron has join an elite class of idiots and he’s only the first one on this list.


Michael Vick

In 2007 when Mike Vick was convicted of felony charges for dog fighting. Yeah sure, dog fighting isn’t the most terrible thing he could do, but who even wants to kill man’s best friend? He immidiately went on the hit list for PETA, they went after him with a vengeance. Vick spent 23 months in prison and is now back to playing in the NFL.


Jayson Williams

This guy was playing for the New Jersey Nets when they had an amazing team– he was teammates with Jason Kidd and Vince Carter. You’d figure that this would be enough to keep you happy and motivated with your life, right? Wrong! Jayson Williams decided to kill his limo driver, for which he spent 6 years in prison and pissed away his NBA career.


Oscar Pistorius aka Blade Runner

Earlier this year Oscar Pistorius (lets call him Blade Runner from here on out, it’s a little more fun) decided to shoot his gorgeous girlfriend. Who kills gorgeous women?! Maybe he was bitter he didn’t have long beautiful legs?? Too soon? Anyway,  he claims he thought she was an intruder and shot her. Evidence has come to show that this was planned. He is currently being tried for this crime.


Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones

NFL First Round draft pick Adam “Pacman” Jones was arrested after participating in a Las Vegas nightclub brawl. Adam decided to make it rain in a club and then decided that making it rain was a terrible idea and was accused of slamming a stripper on stage while she was gathering the money. Adam Jones eventually pleaded guilty and the misdemeanor  landed him more than a year long suspension from the league.


Plaxico Burres

Before we start with Plaxico and shooting himself in the leg, anyone else starting to notice that there are a lot of NFL players here? Maybe it’s one too many hits to the head? Ok back to Mr. Burrest, aka too thug to know how to use a gun. Why a massively huge football player would put a gun–let alone a loaded gun–in their pants blows our mind. These guys are huge and usually travel with their other huge friends, no one is going to f*ck with you. Plaxico infamously shot himself in the leg, and from there the strict New York gun laws came into effect. He was sentenced to jail for two years in 2009 and was released early in 2011. First class moron right here.


Rae Carruth

By far Rae is one of the worst on this list. Rae decided it would be a good idea to kill the woman that was pregnant with his child because he didn’t want to pay child support. Some people are just too cheap and will do any thing to keep all of their pennies. The woman ended up in a coma for a year before being taken off life support. The doctors were able to save the child, and the 10-year-old now suffers from cerebral palsy. Rae Carruth is one grade a Douche Bag.


Ray ‘Cry Baby’ Lewis

Ray Lewis was been accused of stabbing two men to death and then won a Superbowl a year later. He was caught up in a bar fight with two men and his buddies. The evidence showed that it was more than likely him, but one of his friends decided to take the heat for him to allow him to continue playing the NFL. BTW–if you don’t know why they call him ‘Cry Baby’ click here to see why


OJ ‘The Juice’ Simpson

In 1994 The Juice made national news for dropping the ball and setting a very high bar for all criminal athletes. He went  on an epic slow speed car chase in his white Ford Bronco on the 405 freeway in California after being identified as the main suspect in the murder case of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Lyle Goldman. He was ultimately acquitted with the infamous “if the glove does not fit you must acquit” or as South Park calls it, the Chewbacca Defense. Thanks Johnnie Cochran! Let just say Karma came back and bit OJ in the ass, he’s not serving a 33 year long sentence in the state of Nevada.