This Will Hit You Right in the Childhood



  1. I love that you millenials think that the 90’s is nostalgia. It was like last week for us Gen Xers. 70’s and 80’s, now THAT was good stuff.

    • Very true….although I only experienced the 80s/90s, but I think the feeling comes from the fact that the 90s are considered the “Age of Innovation”. So many things were being tested to the public in the 90s; TV genres, video games, toys, fads, and of course the biggest thing to ever come to the public’s eye………the Internet. I think thats why the 90s were so nostalgic.

  2. actually I got 4 yeas out of the 90’s and I remember a lot more from then. I never ate dirt, and every baby shits in a diaper. what I remember most is how cool the WWF was.

  3. I was born in 87 so I am a 90 kids. To me the 90s was more revolutionary then the 80s. A lot of things was being tested in the 80 but the 90s brought some things that shaped our culture forever. The two biggest things that we are still using today would be laptops and the internet.


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