Fit Girls Deserve Some Celebration



  1. Why the fuck did they waste so many post-it notes when they can just make a twitter. No body wast to see a photo if it is all reading. Were in america, we are fucking stupid, and I can’t read. I have to use talk to text to even type.

  2. I’m typically not a troll. It’s futile to get upset about stupid things you come across on the internet. Having said that, this is so painfully unfunny. It’s upsetting how unfunny it is. First of all, it’s incredibly tacky to, in an attempt at humor, refer to dialogue in which the punchline is “Me: ‘__________'”. That’s a pretty obvious rule in comedy. If you say something funny in conversation, enjoy it with that person at that moment. You don’t get to glorify it by telling the world how funny what you said in context one time was. Especially when it wasn’t even that funny. Obviously, you have a lot of time on your own with your young son. Just a tip: you might want to bounce some of these stupid ruminations you have while with him off of other adults who have at least some small sense of what humor is. Also, the expression “Permanent Roommate” is dumb.

    To summarize, you are not funny, your wife is probably not hot, and I’m sure your kid will grow up to be a Wal-Mart greeter. This page was so unworthy of StumbleUpon. I’ll make sure they are aware.


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