Alexis Wineman, The First Autistic Miss America Contestant


Alexis Wineman is the first contestant with autism to compete in the Miss America pageant and she’s only 18.

he was bullied and teased for her speech impediment and eventually stopped talking to avoid attention, descending into self-abusive behavior.

School was a struggle for her coping with her condition and was diagnosed at the age of 11.

Alexis began competing in beauty pageants as a last-minute attempt to get scholarship money for college. She was crowned Miss Montana in June 2012, one month after graduation.

She hopes to raise awarness for autism as she continues her journey through Miss America.

At age 18, Alexis will be the youngest contestant in this year’s Miss America pageant.

“I want show the world that being on the autism spectrum is not a death sentence, but a life adventure.”

We hope she wins and wish Alexis all the luck in the world.

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