Hottie of the Week Jen Wilke

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Jen Wilke may look familiar to you if you follow the Playboy Social voting. She has been Miss Social Network Sept 2012 and Playboy Miss Social April 2012. Jen is a small town girl who is very down to earth and loves to take photos. Eventually she’s like to model full time and hopefully become a TV host. You can always get up dates on her Facebook or check Playboy Social as well as her Twitter account.


  1. Congratulations Jen!! <3 You are taking this world by storm sweetheart! You're absolutely Gorgeous hon, and I love that beautiful smile. 🙂 Happy New year Jen /Big hugs and kisses to you and your family 🙂 XO <3

  2. Love Jen Wilke, she’s one of the nicest people I know. She’s down to earth and actually takes time to cmmunicate with everyone. Many big things in the future for this sweet girl. Cheersall 🙂

  3. This is one fine young lady whom I wouldn’t mind introducing to the parents. She has everything anyguy would love t have in his mate, looks, sex appeal, charm, and an obvious goodgirl. I’d marry her sight unseen, i.e. un met.

  4. This
    girl has stiffed me for a poster that I won from her! Six months ago I
    won a poster from her and she has yet to send it to me! I want it and
    she also blocked me so I can’t message her and tell her! Can anyone help
    me out? This is pissing me off royally! Also, she blocked me! Which
    means that I can’t ask her about it and I want her to unblock me and
    re-friend me on Facebook!


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