A Shot a Day Whisky Calendar


Check out this ridiculously cool whisky advent calendar from Cool Material. Yeah, we know it’s a little early for Christmas stuff, but this is pretty badass. And, who says you need to save it for Christmas?! Any month with 24 days will do just fine…

This holiday season, instead of finding a piece of chocolate or a little toy behind the cardboard doors of an advent calendar, upgrade to man level. The Whisky Advent Calendar provides you with some holiday cheer each and every day in the form of a tiny bottle of booze. Each sample is 3cl (.33 oz) and one is even of a 50 year old single malt scotch (the full retail bottle of which costs over $550). It’s the kind of holiday cheer that will make the stress of shopping disappear. Pick one up for 24 days of awesomeness and, for the first time ever, you’ll be sad when Christmas finally comes.