Hottie of the Week: Ann Denise


Our Hottie this week is fan-submitted! Ann Denise sent us over her photos, and we were blown away! She’s pretty stunning. You can follow her on twitter, and be sure to check out her website


  1. Ann is beautiful. It is too bad I can’t live in the U.S, where it wasn’t a country where it’s O.K. for Lansa in Newtown Connecticut to shoot and slay young children is alright but complimenting someones breasts is the crime of the century, the so-called unpardonable sin. I wish I lived in a real United States of America where everyone thought more alike, where violence with weapons was unacceptable but compliments of faces,bosoms,cleavage,rearends was socially acceptable. It is too bad our country and planet is overpolluted. Women today are brainwashed and have been tricked by Lucifer into believing that if someone compliments their bosoms and cleavage is a so-called insult which it’s not.


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