Creepy Vintage Halloween Photos

Be glad we decided to evolve Halloween from the cultural roots of Europe. If we didn’t we’d continue to have some really creepy costumes. Check it out we’re not kidding be glad there are a bunch of kids running around as Iron Man or Spiderman.

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  • http://Website David

    Please will you excuse the bad language, because i really feel i have to say this. These Halloween photos are downright fucked up! I mean really, really fucked up!

    One would really need to possess a seriously twisted mind set to come up with something like this. That is what makes them so interesting. Looooool!

    No horror movie i can think of could generate the level of scariness which i have witnessed here. If anyone was to come up with something like this today during Halloween, i shudder to think of the consequences

  • http://Website Carolina_D

    @David. Blame advertisements then, as now. Many of these were sold at ‘emporiums’ such as Sears, along with the directions for the make-up if one couldn’t afford the masks. It is actually the photography that makes so many of them so ‘scary’. Home photography was just coming into it’s own. Most of these were probably taken with a Kodac ‘Brownie’ camera, no flash. Completely ‘point and shoot. No other directions given. The costumes that weren’t from a store were copied from pictures from the catalogues. Another thing to bear in mind is that most of the commercial costumes and virtually all of the masks were made from celluloid and would (and DID) go up from just a spark from a candle or bonfire! And, think again. The ‘monsters’ represented here are NOTHING compared to their modern day counterparts. (Which is why we always made our kids costumes ourselves. ‘Scary’ is one thing, gross and bloody is another. (Worst of all is the trend towards ‘sexy scary’ combined!) No, we will continue making Halloween costumes ourselves, or let our kids make their own. Once they are ‘independent’ they will be able to buy whatever they choose. Not yet though.

  • Jon

    They were creative in the past. Now days, we let Hollywood create us.