Self-Shot Tuesday is Always Awesome



    • sounds like you’re a little bitter / jealous. You should take a real close look some of them are my own handy work like Leann LaRue the first one 😉

      • Sounds to me like you think Jesus Christ is an edgy nickname to call yourself online.

        Congratulations on not letting the fact that it’s played out, lazy, and smacks of desperation deter you from being the least clever person you can be. At this point, the only way something smart will ever follow your name on a comment thread, is if a lightning bolt hits a server somewhere and your post switches places with literally anything that didn’t originate from you, like some kind of strange, verbal Freaky Friday.

        Also, you’re an idiot.

    • Definitely jealous. ^ Comment most associated with the jealousy of other women with big boobs. I’ve heard this statement about fake boobs probably about 10,000 times now; all from women, which is indicative that you are all clearly jealous, otherwise you wouldn’t feel the necessity to comment and/or insult. Get over it. If you’re not happy with what you got, nobody will be. Be happy that you have something and cherish it. Stop wasting your time trying to tell everyone how “unsatisfying” fake boobs are. You WILL lose the race, and the attention of your male counterpart.

    • Sorry, but I’m a red-blooded heterosexual male, and I skimmed over most of these girls. Just looked like a bunch of fake bimbos to me. I know a lot of guys are into that, but I like more natural-looking girls that aren’t full of plastic and a pound of makeup. That said, there were a few winners… that blond with the scarf covering her hoo-ha is freakin’ amazing.

      • Red blooded hetero male with no self confidence is more like it. You’d be bangin’ chicks like this if you felt better about yourself. And yes, all these girls are good for is bangin’.

          • I’m a confident male who passed on the fake titties all the time. I prefer a natural woman versus some pumpedd up plastic Barbie doll. If the woman doesn’t have the confidence not to become some top heavy bimbo, then I feel that adding the silicon makes no difference. Woman should first try getting their head’s together, and try to find were the problem lies.

            Also a lot of men don’t prefer a woman who looks like she’s about to fall over. I’ve been married 21 years to the same perfect woman. She has the confidence to carry herself through life with out the need to make herself look plastic. She is considered small up top, but she more than makes that up with her confidence in her beautiful looks. PS she still looks like she did when I first meet her 31 years ago. Her chest doesn’t sag a bit, and they won’t be hanging to her toes at a later time.
            PS: I never begged, never suffered from turn downs and I got laid all the time. Never paid for it and had/have a great sex life.

            I once dated a girl in high school who had 42dd’s and they were natural. Problem was, it seems all the cells for smarts ended up in her chest and not her head. Where the term bimbo comes into play.

    • I would like it to be stated that there are only 14 iphones in here and about that same amount of fake tits so really this is like half an Iphone/fake tits ad, just thought I’d let you know also kinda weird that you actually cared to look at what they were taking the pictures with

        • Mikey you have the only attitude that says confidence to this pro. A man who knows women would understand that there are many reasons and outcomes to cosmetic surgery Bonzai, you amateur. Keep making excuses for your wife. The fact that you feel the need to defend her looks says worlds about what you’ve learned in life.

          • Wow, it’s like watching the world’s smallest basement dwelling dicks try to out piss each other. A guy calling himself “fags” and a kid who calls himself “pro”.

            No wonder the captcha security question on this site is ___ – 3 = 4
            Ten bucks says a few of you people had to pull out Windows calculator.

  1. @titmcgee….. bro stfu plastic boobs are awesome they might be fake but they stay the same perfect shape once you unleash the warlocks from their restrains

  2. All the are self head loving chicks who think they are good looking ..there is not 1 natural beauty among them..natural beauty does not need to photo itself.

    • Tell that to EVERY LAST person on Facebook. Attention seeking isn’t the best way to live your life, but it is a human condition. I wouldn’t toss everyone into that one category, that’s just poorly thought out. People make mistakes all the time, for the sake of getting attention; even you. Your comment was unnecessary and even if it had weight, do you think ^ these types would listen to your message? Think man….. think. Common sense can’t be taught.

    • Mark…natural beauty, as you refer, is something that your mom, sister, daughter or that nice lady at the grocery store have! Are they beautiful??? Natuarally!!!

      But, when you finally take your dog’s teet out of your mouth, learn to write and make sense, and realize the ~Smokin Hot~ women do what they “must” to look….~smokin~Hot~ and baiter material for your tighty-whitey, spongebob underwearing clown assssss…. 😎

    • Agreed…
      Not gonna lie though, I agree w-a couple of ppl above who said most of these girls have a lil too much makeup on & look a lil too anorexic w-obnoxiously large fake-T’s..
      Also I don’t really care for the super muscly chicks w-the protruding 6packs either. (Note the super toned tooth-brush chick)
      I prefer a lil bit of meat on my girl! I’m not trying to F*** a rock hard muscly chick! Dudes are supposed to be the one’s who’re rough & hard to the touch. (No pun intended.) I believe women should be soft & feminine w-a lil (not too much) padding for you to grab onto or to keep her bones from protruding & stabbing you while you do the deed! I’m also going to put it on record that I prefer natty’s over fakes 10-1! To me it’s not about the size so much as the way they jiggle,flop around&lay when she’s on here back! (Real T’s don’t sit straight-up/erect in this case.)
      My girls got some 34DD Big Natty’s, weighs about 118lbs & wears a size2! (Which in my book = PERFECT)
      With all that being said, Even though I prefer some natties, a lil more meat, & a slightly more natural look w-less makeup caked-on, Let’s face it: I’m a dude & I probably wouldn’t kick any of these beaches out of my bed!

  3. Why do you people like to hate so much. Are you mad? If you didn’t like it so much, then how did you make it more than half way through? AND top that off, you even took the time to comment. So sad…. I’d love to see what you think is HOT. You are either a FATSO yourself, OR You just love FAT UGLY chicks.

    • Uh… Your comment seems pretty hypocritical to me, hon. You question why people like to hate and then continue on to be insulting and hateful by saying “fatso” and “fat, ugly chicks”. Good job, mate. You really make yourself look close-minded and invalidate your argument entirely. And to top it off, you’re patronizing them for commenting their opinion when you’re doing the exact same thing. Who’s sad now?

  4. This is (THE) place to make statements against someone elses opinion. If you dont like it why are you here. The argument is on this topic only. Opinions are alot like you guys, let it go and enjoy it or leave it!

    I enjoy the female form, O-natural. or mutilated for the better? IDK

    Mike,,Really dude? WTF?

  5. most of these girls are so skinny its disgusting, not to mention that they are 80% plastic!
    super skinny is just as unattractive as super big, and fake is 100% unattractive! Gross!

  6. LMAO why does stating that the women have fake tits make a person jealous… or insecure. you dont get fake tits unless your insecure. If they wanna get fake tits good for them some of us keep ours real

  7. What Pebbles said is so true. So we’re not allowed to have an opinion about fake tits because we are women and ALL women are jealous?

    I think it looks ridiculously ugly and tacky when boobs look like bags of skin with big’/medium-sized balls inside.

    • I am a red blooded male who agees with you 110%. Give me natural, and I’ll show you a woman that is comfortable in her skin. That in itself shows off a womans beauty. I think the comment shows that she still isn’t comfortable with her own skin. That’s to bad, and I blame it on TV, Movies and current advertising.

      I look back to the victorian era, those ladies have some meat on their bones. Today woman look sick because they’re too thin, and then they have these plastic baloons in front of them. When they get older and they sart to sag, the plastic bag inside will look silly. Give me a natual woman who is comfortable in their own skin, now that’s sexy!

      • just so you know many women, my gf included, have very firm breasts…naturally. one of my projects when going into my field, plastic surgery, was to give a through examination to 7 women(for “extra credit” i examined my gf) some with and without implants, to see if we could find the insertion points on each breast, how it effected size, shape, etc. several of the women that were unaugmented, were firm naturally. so the “saggy means real” test is false. there are many techniques out there to make an enhanced breast look less firm so as to “appear” more “natural”. and, if the surgeon is ethical he will hae a psychologist either on-site or on “retainer”, for lack of a better word, to provide several pre- and post-therapy sessions. first to ascertain the “why’s and wherefores” for the surgery, and then to figure out what would be an appropriate augmentation level for each woman’s body type. i have my gf on-staff for this purpose, and she’s found that now-a-days, in our practice at least, 60-68% of women i’ve interviewed, and she’s subsequently counseled, have had a fairly realistic/healthy outlook on the augmentation process, and most importantly, of themselves. of course that does leave 32-40% who don’t, but it does show that, in our area, the trend is changing.
        so one can’t say, “it’s all self-esteem”, but even at times when it is is it a crime? we are not all on the same level, and just because you wouldn’t do it doesn’t mean that someone who does is somehow inferior, or you’re superior. we tend to have that mentality about others, “they’re doing this or that cuz they they have low self-esteem. they just need to grow up. i don’t need it. that makes me better”. there are people in therapy for all kinds of problems, and are mocked because of it. suicide rates or crazy because people are afraid of getting made fun of or looked down on so they don’t get the help they need. as a result they jump. if those people were able to get what they needed when they needed it these things wouldn’t happen, and the fact that they would go to get that help shows a level of maturity that many lack. you go to your bball coach for help on your game, your wrestling coach for help on pinning, or your football coach for help in running your plays. so why do we give people such a hard time for getting what they need to help themselves personally? remember women who’ve had single-and double-mastectomies get reconstructive surgery, and they’re considered elective surgeries too. many of those women desire a slight enhancement as well, and the simple fact that they want their breasts reconstructed at all is due to a self-esteem issue. just so you know, one of these women has had deconstructive surgery. which means either she, and/or her doctor, felt her breasts were too large for her size, etc. so, guess again about these “plastic” women. remember my earlier post that only a scant few MIGHT have had plastic surgery in the first place. respect yourselves enough to respect them. every time you point your finger at them you have 3 more pointing back at you. that means you invite negative criticism when you criticize others.

  8. @lul, pebbles hate to break it to you ladies but no guys or any of these girls give a flying fuck what you think. How presumptuous. All you’ve succeeded in doing is illustrate how narrow minded you are.

    • Not if you’re here to masturbate, lol. And to be honest, while some of these girls may not give a shit I can tell you the ones with fake tits probably do. Because they’re insecure. Why would anyone want to “improve” something that’s already good or perfect? Or even post half naked pictures for someone elses approval?

  9. Seems like most of you can’t tell the difference between titties that are fake and titties that are real.. I see some plastic here but not every one of these girls have titjobs done. Some of you should have your mancard revoked.

  10. Normally, I like this type of theme. Unfortunately all of these tubs look like the rejects from jersey shore. I did not even try and save one of these. Seriously, I have LOW standards, but ecchh.

  11. I remember seeing the 3rd girl pictured a long time ago and have had her in my head for months. I know it sounds kinda of creepy, but everyone has a absolute perfect 10 in their head and she’s mine. To me, she doesn’t have an equal. Does anyone know who she is or where I can find more pics of her? Thanks!

      • “she works at the Diamond Cabaret here in Denver like 2-3 times a week.” Holy Shit,she is real? It had to be true. I can see she is a dancer? No massive plastic boobs, painted make up and actually looks healthy, curvy body but not sickly looking like the rest in the arms and tummy region. Oh anyone confirm pic#41 looks like porn actress “Amia Moretti” 1/2 Hawaiian/Italian? I watch a lot of porn? 🙂

      • She seems sort of modified, digitally. Is she modified?

        Her legs and butt, they seem overly (though most appreciatively) wide.
        Her elbow seems sort of funny too. Though I don’t much see why she would manipulate that. Maybe it was accidental. Or maybe that is her elbow. Gah.

  12. I think most of them look really sexy to be honest.. apart from the REALLY skinny ones.. as a girl I love curves.. and I love girls haha 🙂 MOAR please xx

  13. I agree with the ppl who stated “no!” to fake boobies. If you look at them as a collective group they all look the fricken same! Fake tits,botox lips, whore level of make up,long hair that looks like shite, or bleached to death, fake tans,and fish pout. Only Pic#3 interest me, as stated above miniaml whore make up ,no fish lips ,shoving fake air bakes at us nor needs to eat >3 times a day.Holding camera not Iphone. Chick with hand mitten on right boob-Is that her finger over the lens on Iphone?GTFO FAKE!

  14. ok, so i dont think this page was suppose to be about how fake someones boobs are. since it has come to that, i was graced with cup size F (god save me) but i had a size 10 waist and at 5’8 that =’s major back probs later on in life, so when i was 22 (im 27 now) i had a reduction (why so young you ask, because the younger you are the less you scar) and now my boobs look perfectly shaped when im in a swim suit or low cut tops and people ” aka guys” ask if they are real or fake. so i guess to some people they look fake, so should i be “ashamed of myself” because you think my boobs are fake? Look this whole post was about a person or peoples opinion let them have it and argue the merits elsewhere because i do believe that just because some parts of you arnt real doesnt mean your feelings are fake. girls quit hating on each other and put all that energy into something productive like volunteer work or something. JUST MY OPINION ON THE MATTER!

  15. These photos are Grainy (digital noise), overly soft, poorly exposed (lighting is not good), and there are a lot of distraction background issues. Clearly a competent photographer with a camera, as opposed to a cell phone could do far better at displaying the assets of these young ladies. Some of the poses are not bad, but lessons in posing the human body would also add to the photograph.

    Obviously there isn’t any issue with being seen as these seem to be self posted photographs, so I would not anticipate much of a model modesty issue.

    • Good work Shirlock!
      You did realize that the whole point of this post was that these pics were all supposed to be “Self Shot” images (as indicated in the headline that clearly states “Self Shot Tuesday is Always Awesome”) right…?

    • I’d more fault the plastic many have condemned their boobs to, rather than photo quality. Like ol’ Drewdiggi up there, the theme was self shot images.

      And another point.
      Most who visit the website “” visit meaning to find some sort of carnal entertainment – I’ve normally found this sort of photography, poor phone based photography, to be sort of hotter.

  16. most of these girls do have fake tits.most photos probaly taken in the least in the uk our women have the largest average breast size in the world so very few fake tits luckily

  17. You all are morons! there is probably only about 8 pairs of fake tits on here. everyone else is clearly real. You ladies should know better, and the guys, well, obviously don’t know the difference, so i feel bad for ya

  18. l’m an equal opportunities kinda guy so i dont give a fuck if they are real or fake or even if they used to ve a dude.
    in fact ill take one for the team and personally vet each candidate pictured on here.
    for those that dont approve this aint a bible club numb nuts. dont click the link and then complain.

    message ends

  19. If you think all those boobs are fake, than you know nothing about boobs. And the blonde in the thong is tje hottest, and her boobs are a B. So not all rje boobs are fake. Boobs !!

  20. the boobs on a lot of these girls are real, and a lot of them actually look quite natural in their makeup. I recon if you saw even one of these girls at the beach or in a shopping center they’d turn your head twice.
    Coming from a heterosexual female, i know they’d turn mine.

  21. All these ladies are lovely….but they all have breast implants. Girls that skinny rarely have REAL breasts that big. Sad but true. Good luck with your modeling careers ladies!!!

  22. I see lots of unreasonably big (i.e. phony) boobs on some very skinny women.

    You know what that always reminds me of? You know when they have horror characters whose heads are skulls—but they always have eyeballs? Why would they have eyeballs when they have no skin or other fleshly parts? It’s a contradiction. So are skinny bodies and big boobs. When will people get that?

  23. in love with the blonde with her lucious blonde hair draped over her soft tender more than likely pink nipples. Now those chi-chi’s are naturally real. When it comes to pussy it aint right if it aint white.

  24. I feel like those who comment on them being fake and whatnot, annoying and those who say that these girls are perfect annoying. I’m probably one of the only girls to comment on this and I believe that yes, they have quite a bit of makeup on. Yes, they have fake tits (most of them) and yes, half of them are tiny as shit. YES, they are attractive but there’s more to shit than looks. I guarentee that you don’t see that many girls walking around like that. I for sure know I don’t. I’m bisexual, so don’t say I’m just some straight bitch hating on all of these beautiful women, because I”m not. I’m not some bitch to put others down in that way. I feel that half of these comments are also so negative… why post if it’s just going to be negative feed back. Everyone just love others opinions.. of course you’re not going to all agree.

    and just to continue about the girls:
    All women are beautiful. Not just the ones who are size 2 and have tits. I have no room to talk, since I’m 115 pounds and have 32DDD’s at 5’6”.. but I feel like if you’re comfortable with who you are and what you look like, what anyone else has to say about you doesn’t matter. Weight doesn’t matter. looks do not matter. What matters most is the way YOU feel about YOURSELF. Quit putting each other down along with these girls. Seriously.

  25. While the females in these photos are attractive, I wonder if it only perpetuates the myth that a woman MUST be a DD cup, in order to be considered “hot”. Also fellas, contrary to what you may think, most real women don’t like being called that on a day-to-day basis. During sexy time? Well, that’s a entirely different matter.

    Sexy is all about confidence and a “look”. Like my girlfriend, one can look amazing when they’re still a 32B. It’s all about how they carry themselves. If they’re comfortable in their own skin, then I could care less about the size of their chest. If all you care about is breast size, and all you’re wanting is a piece of ass, then more power to you. Some of us are better than that.

    • Maybe guys like boobs because it’s embedded in our dna… You’re the one who said people like double d boobs. Everyone else is just saying that these are hot girls. They aren’t all double d’s in the pics… Maybe you like double d’s but need to justify your gf’s b’s.

      “If all you care about is breast size, and all you’re wanting is a piece of ass, then more power to you.” …how/ who’s the sexist big boob liker now…your words…

  26. God, these fucking skanks need to eat something. They’re skinny as fuck!! Maybe if they stopped choking on dicks all the time they could take a moment to eat a sandwich.

  27. For me, no. 11 is beautiful.. lovely smile, lovely natural chest. beautiful! looks like a latina.. u can tell shes not skinny.. beautiful and comfortable in her own skin! who is she? anyone know her, or her facebook or anything? 😀

  28. Some of you guys give me jokes. its all well and good having an opinion on fake or natural boobs or plastic looking dolls but most of the guys on here would jump at the opportunity to shag just 1 of these girls. its a fact most girls wear make up these days so ppl get over it. and to the female who commented its not all about looks… errrrr yes it is. this is a gallery full of scantily clad girls. its just the way most men work

  29. LOL any girl or guy who calls these sexy things skanks are either fat nerds or ugly fat girls who are jealous… Jesus just admire dont hate i gaurntee they all go through hell to keep their bodies looking like that

  30. While they all have ‘impressive’ bodies, almost 1/3rd of them look like post-op transsexuals and a couple more just look annoyingly fake. More than half are still smoking hot though, but I don’t get why girls such as the blonde with one arm tattooed were added to the list. She looks like a nightmare.

  31. I’m a chick and the only ones I really think are truly hot are the ladies sweating their asses off in the gym. I can do without the dirty bathroom shots. Fake boobs, well, who gives a shit. If she wants them, it’s her right to have them. I just hope none of these girls are under 18 and posting.

  32. all of these girls are drop dead gorgeous,fantastic bodies.i would love to meet each and every one of them.but they were probaby posting or sending pics to thier husbands and or boy friends.

    • Listen Sux Lil Dix, you’re just as attention seeking. Just because they look good and post pics, you don’t have to hate. What should they do, not post any pics online because they look good? Attention everyone, lil dix doesn’t want any attractive people making them look bad online. What a jealous hater! lol, self-conscious much? Either a loser guy who can’t get girls or an ugly/fat chick.

    • Nice name by the way, I’m sure you have a huge dick because someone with a small dick wouldn’t use that name…oh, wait…that’s exactly what they would do.

  33. Isn’t that Nikki Benz on the 22nd picture? Anyway, they look fantastic, but unhopefully a long-term relationship cannot be defined by their looks. And sticking to the looks, why do they focus on thier T’s so much? Yes, my girlfriend has 80D on her with 143lbs, and 170cm of height and guess what – it’s perfect for me. They may sag a little bit, but I wouldn’t like to see them straight up like the pornstars’ T’s. Natural>fake

    • Haha, what a loser. Knocking on every one of these girls because you could never get one (or you’re a jealous girl). Not every one has fake boobs. Let’s see who you’ve gone out with…I guarantee they are beasts.

  34. I’m a girl with big natural boobs (36DD) and I have to admit that most (a couple of them look like trannies) of these girls are hot. I’m not into girls that way, but if I were a guy, I’d hit it.

  35. Theres lot of beautiful ,”non-plastic”,every day girl in these pics.
    When they try too much its not that…beautiful!!!
    I wonder why they put their pic on the web tho??? (not that I complain…I’m a man!).But its not the smartest thing to do ,unless you want to make a living out of your look!
    I did appreciate watching them…

  36. as far as selfies go solid collection some honey put in work to make this happen have some respect and quit fighting about whos a fag and pull that shit out of his ass and act like a man and have some self respect.


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