Lil Bub A Dwarf Kitten


Little Bub is a girl cat who was born a “perma-kitten” and a dwarf. She has extra toes on each foot, no teeth, and she doesn’t quite meow. Prepare to fall in love!!


  1. This kitty is so adorable. A million words of praise and happiness upon your human for recognizing that you are a bundle of furry perfection.

  2. That poor cat. No teeth? His tongue is out in every picture— that’s not only cute, it’s a health problem.

    I hope he has a good vet to help manage all his issues, and wish him a long and healthy life.

  3. Permakittens are a cruel science experiment. they have so many health problems, it is hard to believe they have a good quality of life. eugenics is messed up.

  4. She is a beautiful kitten and it’s clear you love her very much, but I’m not sure you should have posted her on the interweb.

    The danger is people go ‘awww I want one’, creating a market for perma-kittens which unscrupulous breeders start furnishing.

    For the love of cats, I think this would have been better as a special kitty that you kept to yourself.

    • My thoughts exactly. Yes she’s cute, but she’s suffering some severe physical deformities and probably has some major health issues.
      Showing her off like a prize could easily create a market for other cats with similar health problems, and unscrupulous breeders will jump on that in a heartbeat.
      I’m glad she has a family who loves her- she does look happy and well cared for, but the internet is full of idiots who know nothing of properly caring for an animal or exercising responsibility. I do hope she is spayed.

      • You do realise that they already breed cats to be dwarves for looks? They have been doing that since the 80s in America. Munchkin and Lambkin are just two of the breeds they’ve bred to be dwarves.


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