Jaime Laycock: Your New Internet Crush


If you haven’t heard of Jaime Laycock, you can check our more photos of her on Facebook. Any way you put it cute, hot or sexy they’re all true. Check our the photos and make sure to like her page on Facebook! You can find more photos of Jaime Laycock here.


  1. Sorry cannot say anything good about ANYONE who purposely uses so many FUCKING DUCKFACES! Seriously? Stupid bitches need to get over the duckface, it makes you look retarded at BEST!

  2. Don’t get me wrong, this girl is hot; in fact she is hott (two t’s!!!) But, she still needs to lose like 10 pounds…

  3. Why so many duckfaces seriously not cute..actually slutty and needs to stay away from my fiancé on fb


  4. DUCKFACE!!!!!! GROSS.. she looks like a slut and like she is trying way to hard to get some!!! Needs to learn to new facial expression, completely disgusting!!!!!!!!! xoxo- sparta

  5. She’d be cute if she didn’t look like she was dumber than a bag of bricks. One of those girls you sleep with just to say you slept with a 10.


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