Why You Should Let Me Touch Your Boobs: Another Presentation


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  • ASh

    He never said he wouldn’t roofie the brownies…

  • carissa

    A touch is very different from a squeeze keep that in mind…

  • Tyler

    Hands as soft as a baby’s bottom? Exactly how many baby butts did you feel?…..let me guess. You work for the church :P

    • http://Website jackie

      lol it fits in with why you should let me touch your butt. hahaha=D

  • Joshua

    12 year old children can make Power Point presentations too… neat. Thumbs down.

    • Jesus Christ

      And some people are just ass holes who can’t have a good time O__o

  • what

    I’d totally let this guy touch my boobs

  • Anonymous

    Lol, even Jesus thinks you’re an asshole.
    Also, ladies, Jesus would want you to let me touch your boobs.

    • Jesus Christ

      Yes I went the ladies to enjoy a sensual touch of the boobies, and for guys to enjoy those lovely boobies!

  • Adam

    According to recent studies, letting me touch your boobs reduces your weight and speeds up your metabolic rate.

  • Abby

    Ya touch my boobs anytime

    • Jeremy

      now could be anytime

  • Jim

    If I could have 2 nice boobs on me I would rarely leave the apartment

  • http://Website jackie

    … kewl hahaha

  • p0rnjelly

    This should also help this argument.


  • Nama

    I will let him touch my boobs with my cloths on.