Daily Random Story: Woman Has Slept With 1000 Men!


So there’s this woman, Crystal Warren, from Brighton, England, who claims to have slept with over 1000 men. Why? She’s a sex addict.

After spotting a gorgeous young man on her way to the shops, Crystal Warren couldn’t wait to speak to him on her way home. She’d spent her whole grocery trip daydreaming about where they could sneak off for some illicit sex.

Two hours later, after flirting outrageously with the total stranger and talking her way into his bed, she was back at home, delighted at how her afternoon had panned out.

But this sexual encounter wasn’t a one-off moment of passion she planned to gossip about later with friends. In fact, it was pretty unremarkable for Crystal.

We did the math, and assuming she started sex at 16 (she’s 42 now), that means she’s had a new sex partner every 9.5 days. She’s gotta be pretty busy!



  1. This isn’t special or difficult. Guys will sleep with anything if it’s female and has a pulse. More pleasing if it’s the same species and not related. Women have it easy when it comes to sex. Men rarely play hard to get and are horny all the time.

    Find a guy who’s slept with 1000 women. That’s a tougher challenge I tell you!


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