Ask the Sexy Leann Yup it’s Thursday Again!


Here are your questions from Leann LaRue! I hope you enjoy them make sure you keep asking, if they were answered we have them saved check back next week! Also rumors have it that Leann will be taking photos sometime in the near future. 😉

Steven: ok so I’m dating a new girl and her birthday is coming up. What should I get her? I don’t want to scare her away!!

Impregnate her. Haha just kidding, please don’t. The gift dilemma, I always seem to have it too. Certainly don’t buy her jewelry, too soon and you won’t know where the relationship will be in 30 days. No clothes either, women are terribly picky and that can go really wrong. Especially if you bought the wrong size! If she doesn’t already have birthday plans then I suggest taking her out to eat somewhere nice, then out for ice cream or a stroll in the park. Girls love that cute romantic stuff. You could also get her a bouquet of flowers, having them sent is a fun surprise, too. Make sure you include a card. Doesn’t have to say much but it counts. Hope this helps!!

Jimbo: What’s the most pleasurable thing a guy can do for a girl? Obviously oral but what else? And can you do more candids through your phone? 

Good question! Make her feel special by concentrating on every part of her body (you can exclude feet…eek!) but use your hands and mouth everywhere. Sensually, slowly. Give her compliments. Kissing and nibbling her neck, shoulders and back are points that make me shiver and many girls are the same. When you do it let her feel your hot breath in her ear and on her neck. Foreplay is fun and can sometimes be more pleasurable than sex for a woman. After time sometimes men forget that and get straight to the point but it’s important. As far as candids go, yes I will. I’m not one of those girls who takes many pictures in the mirror. I feel silly but I need to get used to it. I’ve been very busy making some big modeling plans but I will soon!  *Note-Your girl.  Rubbing is always good, you know what I mean.


  1. I still want to know the answer 😛

    I also wanted to know if you have Jesus in you? And would you like to?

    And to clear things up I didn’t actually turn water into wine. I just mixed the water with my own blood.

    • I wold not undermine the power of Jesus. I have to say, I’d do it. Plus you look like a bit of a hottie with the long hair. My type of man right there.

      I can’t believe I just wrote this. If you are not really Jesus then I’m pretty sure I’m going to hell now.

  2. Hey Leann!! Big fan here. So I’m curious to know if you’ve ever done topless / nude photos and if not would you ever consider it? Keep up the great work!!

  3. Not sure if this is too late maybe for the following week, but! If you’re into cars what would be your dream sports car? It can be something outlandish and exotic and why would you pick it!? Or shit even a classic car!

  4. Wow! Just saw all these comments, guys! Thank you so much, these are some really great questions here! I appreciate the time you took to write them out for me 🙂


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