Super Hottie Mila Kunis South Africa FHM

I don’t know how many of you heard about this FHM cover in October 2011 but Mila Kunis was on it! And if you didn’t hear about it don’t feel bad it’s because it was for the South Africa FHM. In any case enjoy the photos.

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  • Jerry Irwin

    Hi Mila… You said a while back that you do not get asked out. I can tell you why. The reason is
    that you are so drop dead gorgeous inside and
    out that they probably think they have no chance. Deep down all men are little boys and
    we get our feelings hurt when we are disapointed. I saw you on your date with a soldier at the Military Ball. That was really nice
    of you to go and make his whole year probably.
    When I was in your age group I never saw even one woman as gorgeous as you are. I am now
    72 and have a beautiful grand daughter about
    your age so you know that I am not trying to hit
    on you. What I said above comes from my heart.
    I love all really nice people. I hope you see this.
    I will look up your web site and send a copy there to make sure that you do.
    Believe me the right guy will come along and
    sweep you off your feet. It has to happen because you are one in several million.
    Love You Mila

  • Raz

    I’m slightly disturbed

  • chaosd

    Jerry, Jerry, Jerry… Look I know you like her, but you have gone over the edge to creepy land. Get away from your computer and go outside and talk to real people. You’ll be better off just forgetting about her.

  • Forever LSU

    Named my daughter after her.

  • jeremy merry rushmore