Sexy Gif and Olivia Munn!


We really love this weekly post and we love Olivia Munn for the simple fact that she has fun. She’ll do the most ridiculous things and is ok with them or at least seems like it. Enjoy the images!

As usual give this post a bit to load all of the GIFs thanks!


  1. It’s too bad on the internet they don’t really want to show men having orgasms from having their erect penises rubbed via friction in the x-rated immoral bachata dance, which of course is not what she would have wanted to say about her brother is that if she kept rubbing his sexually aroused penis with either her ass or vagina or both while putting her thigh between his thighs would mean semen stained underwear with semen on the left thigh. And primitive living skills is a matter of living other peoples lives not our own lives. Thats why only so many people want to do that today, it’s outdated ideas.


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