Girls in Volleyball Shorts are a Tease


Remember back in high school and college watching the girls volleyball games? Yeah we do too, and we know the only reason you went was to watch the girls jump around in those tiny tight shorts! We don’t blame you so we put together a collection of photos enjoy!


  1. Ahh, seeing these pics of erotic, skin-tight volleyball short shorts tightly hugging the crotches and asses of these girls brings the musty stink of crotch-sweat, pee and poo mixed with spandex enter the nostrils! That’s all you smell when your around them! We had a girl who played living at our place in the spring of 2010, and she wore these skin tight short shorts ALL THE TIME! Stunk to high heaven most of the time, she had several pairs of tight, short shorts and she would always soil them and leave them lying around after a few days. also left brown and yellow streaks in the ass and crotch parts, she didn’t care, she was shameless about it! poor hygiene was her forte, but man was she HOT and SEXY in those TIGHT VOLLEYBALL SHORT SHORTS!!!!!


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