Hottie of the Week: Chanel West Coast


Good morning party people! If you keep up with Rob Dyrdek you know who this lovely young woman is. Chanel West Coast is of course beautiful, but not only that very talented. Chanel is creating music, starring in tv shows and just being awesome. You can keep up with what she does on her website But don’t forget to follow her on twitter for more of her fun personality and yes of course she posts photos too!


  1. Girl ur no doubt top ten sexiest woman in the WORLD!!….u should have ur own show, like ex::girls competing to be ur intern or assistant!!….u have the exposure and fans, so why not!!….gl with all ur success!!

  2. Chanel is the most pretty girl in the world… I would love for her to ride me all day and all night. I f***Ing love this girl! #Sogorgeous

  3. Bitch is busted and all the dudes on here talking about how hot she is have low ass standards. I’ve banged hotter chicks than this cunt. The wrong person in fantasy factory got their teeth done.


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